Sunday Gathering

Coffee is on at 9am and our Gathering starts at 10am.  We have live worship music to begin, with a message focused on the bible and spoken to our context today.  We believe that scripture has the ability to change our hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit and our participation.  We all come as we are in dress and in mindset.  We are all on a journey to see what God has for us and we want to walk together to discover that path.  This is a safe place no matter where you are on your faith journey.

Thursday Community Group

Is a small group experience where we can look to scripture a little deeper but learn to be vulnerable and transparent.  This is where we can trust one another and pray for one another as we all seek to grow and see what God has for each of us.  We look at the bible and seek to see how it applies to us in our context.  This is a safe place for people to see what this faith thing is all about or to grow in their faith.  We meet on Thursdays at 6:30 pm in the Radiant Life Office.  If you want more information email Pastor Adrian.